Community Watch Program

What is a Community Watch?

A Community Watch is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime prevention within a neighborhood. 

Citizens volunteer to become extra eyes for the Sheriff’s Office, reporting crime and suspicious behavior. Citizens learn to anticipate, recognize, and appraise the crime risks in their neighborhoods and how to take action that removes or reduces those risks.

Watch organizations will sometimes explore additional means to inform and involve the community to increase participation and foster discussions, such as private Facebook Groups, private Nextdoor groups, and related products.

You Can Start a Community Watch in 5 Easy Steps: 

1.   Recruit and organize as many neighbors as possible.

2.   Contact the Sheriff's Office to schedule a meeting (see below for contact information).

3.   Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan.

4.   Hold regular meetings and train yourselves.

5.   Implement a phone tree, web presence, or other means based on your needs. 

Current programs in the county have had varying levels of success based on the people involved and how they choose to operate.  Great successes have been seen with noted drops in crime levels and other non-safety improvements that were bonuses. We want our communities to know the deputies who protect them! 

​For more information, contact Corporal Butch Moore with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office:
Cell: 336-843-0937 – Communications: 336-727-2112